Northwest Growth Reports, 2007-2008

Most Rejoice

Solidification of congregational leadership team consisting of 7 couples; Plans in place to appoint elders by late 2008 or early 2009; Many successful and effective ongoing efforts to help the “poor and needy” in our city – MacDonald School, Christmas Wish List for the Homeless, B.C. Children’s Hospital (Fund raising and dinners for families and patients), Refugee Children’s Party, etc.; We are learning to celebrate our diversity, accept one another in matters of opinion and utilize our individual gifts to serve the church and the world; Successful Women’s Night event with many visitors; Several weddings or engagements of “older” singles – there is hope!; Older couple converted (husband is 60)

Prayer Needs:

  • Need to get our campus ministry restarted – still trying to find a campus minister/intern;
  • That our focus on evangelism this summer & fall will encourage greater consistency, joy and effectiveness in our outreach; 
  • That we can find a foreign mission focus where we can have a relationship/involvement, not just send money

Most Rejoice
: Church feels like family to one another; campus ministry is growing again; new young leaders have given the campus and church renewed hope.

Prayer Needs:

  • Marrieds giving God their first love and engaging in lifestyle evangelism; ;
  • Greater faith 
  • Conviction to serve the poor.

 The service ethic of our church; growing, more intimate spiritual relationships;

Prayer Needs: greater inspiration and to be unafraid and unashamed as daily disciples in Boise

 hosted NW Youth Camp, Assembled mission service team to Juarez, Mexico; surpassed missions contribution goal; supported an orphanage in Bethany, Jerusalem; funded local interns; a member’s son healed of cancer(!); we are becoming, culturally, a “house of prayer”

Prayer Needs:

  • Church planting in Pullman, WA (Wash State Univ)
  • More local leaders: internships and Bible Talk Leaders 
  • Healthy discipleship and genuine fellowship 
  • Become self-supporting in 2009 
  • Grow our membership over 200 
  • Be a City Set on a Hill in Spokane 
  • Overcome recent persecution in our campus ministry

We are encouraged in how the whole church has taken on different roles according to their gifts. It has been great to see people grow through their service to God and His Church. A strong independent group.

Prayer Needs:

  • We need to get people out of their shells and more engaged in the mission.
  • We also need to help people navigate the transitions of life in a spiritual manner.
  • The Anchorage Church is full of people who used to make great impacts with the lost and in the church, but have now allowed life and circumstance swallow them up–pray for renewed focus


Prayer Needs: For a smooth transition as a new couple from Toronto begin leading the church this fall

We have an established and growing campus ministry now

Prayer Needs: We want to now build a growing singles and marrieds ministry

EdmontonPrayer Needs:

  • We need a lead couple–we are searching
  • Asking for any leaders to visit Edmonton in 2009. Please come!


  • Secured new meeting facility improving worship service, fellowship & childrens ministry
  • Great growth in maturity of mbrs and recommitment to God and one another 
  • Increased faith and growth in the campus ministry 
  • Significant strengthening of relationships of MT church leader couples thru wkly contact 
  • Increased interaction among mbrs between churches thru special events & visits to svcs

Prayer Needs:

  • Increased focus on community outreach
  • Continued growth in the faith and unity of our members individually and collectively 
  • Continued growth in the teen ministry and campus ministry 
  • The efficacy of fall workshops: Congo weekend with Bruce & Robyn Williams, Evidences with Foster Stanback, and a congregational workshop with Mark and Annie McCune

Great Falls

  • Begun outreach through community service projects:
  • Mbrs are currently volunteering at the Rescue Mission 
  • Mbrs are assisting with a back-to-school drive for kids in need 
  • Last wk mbrs handed out invites to local residents where church meets 
  • Five visitors attended church last Sunday as a result!

Prayer Needs:

  • Strengthening of personal relationships w/i body and greater unity as a result
  • Continuing prayer for Bible studies to be set up from community outreach


  • Church ldrs, Steve & Ginger Ziglowsky, secured FT positions locally enabling them to remain in Bozeman     
  • God worked thru 14 mbrs to bring 3 souls to Christ! 

Prayer Needs: Currently interviewing candidates for campus intern position at MSU in Bozeman