2013 Delegates Meeting

2013 ICOC

Delegates Conference

Brooklyn, New York September 11-14, 2013 

Welcome to the 2013 ICOC Global Delegates Conference

Brooklyn, New York 

Welcome to the 2013 ICOC Global Delegates Conference! About 140 Delegates, Service Team members and another 60 observers from over 50 countries and every continent of our international families of churches are gathering to seek God’s blessing and direction in one of the most influential cities of the world. Last year God brought 17,000 zealous disciples from over 90 countries to the World Discipleship Summit in our largest event by far in the history of our movement.

Both of these meetings speak volumes of praise to God for calling us back to Him and to each other in the last decade and lifting our vision forward for the next. The disciples in our churches have shown they are ready to do something quite extraordinary for God. They are looking to us to show the way through inspiring faith. hope and love.

This is a crucial moment in our church’s history. Billions have not yet heard the gospel. Our members are more mature and refined by fire. Our campuses are reaching more and more people. Leaders are needed to plant the many churches we are praying for by 2020. Now that God has shown us how to cooperate and collaborate together, let us join arm in arm in the Spirit of unity to build His church and raise up more leaders to serve. This year’s Delegates Meeting is focused on how God would use us to heal the regions that are hurting and to move us to growth to accomplish our Master’s great commission.

We love serving alongside you in the vineyard of the Lord. The time for the harvest is now!

Mike and Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro 

2013 ICOC Delegates Meeting


Brooklyn, New York 

Brooklyn Marriott Hotel 

Tuesday, September 10 • 9 am – 5 pm

Service Team Meetings 

Women Service Team Actors Room

Elders Service Team Writers Room

Evangelists Service Team Comedians Room

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm Coordination Meeting, Comedians Room: 

Session Coordinators and Service Team Chairmen

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Youth & Family Service Team Brooklyn Actors Room

Wednesday Morning, September 11 • 9 am – 12 pm

Service Team Meetings 

Youth & Family Fulton Ferry Room

Singles Brooklyn Bridge Room

HOPEww Athletes Room

Comm & Admin Singers

Wednesday Morning, September 11 • 9 am – 12 pm 

Building the Regional Family of Churches 

Coordinators: Williams and Taliaferros 

Legends Ballroom 

Attending: The couples who lead our 31 Regional Families

Open to all Delegates, Ministers, Elders and Teachers 

9:00 am Welcome and Prayer – Bruce Williams, LA (Prayer for the whole week)

9:10 am What We Hope to Accomplish This Morning – Mike Taliaferro, San Antonio

9:15 am Church Strengthening within Your Region 

  • Kevin Mains, Los Angeles
  • AT Arneson, Chicago
  • Justin Renton, Johannesburg
  • Maurice Hooks, Kansas City

9:55 am Break10:00 am Strategy for Church Plantings within Your Region 

  • Ed Anton, Hampton Roads, VA
  • Harliem Saliem, Jakarta10:30 am Relational Development within Your Region 
  • Douglas Arthur, Boston & AT Arneson, Chicago11:00 am Character Development within Your Heart 
  • Mike Taliaferro, San Antonio

11:30 am Business Items: DT, HOPEww, SEO & Rep Mgmt

11:45 am Thank you, wrap up, and dismissal

Wednesday Afternoon/Evening, September 11 

The Expert Church Builder

Coordinator: Doug Arthur

Legends Ballroom 

DELEGATES MEETING BEGINS — The rest of the program is for all Delegates, Chairmen, Service Teams and Guests

1:30 pm Worship, welcome and prayer 

1:45 pm Why We’re All Here – Mike Taliaferro, San Antonio

2:00 pm The Big Picture – Doug Arthur, Boston

2:30 pm Break

2:40 pm Training 

Dinesh & Caroline George,

BangaloreKevin Miller, Boston

3:00 pm Maximizing 

Justin & Irene Renton, Johannesburg

Chip Mitchell, Boston

3:20 pm Break

3:30 pm Vision for Mission

John & Barbra Porter, South Florida

AT Arneson, Chicago

3:50 pm Keeping Connected

Shawn & Lena Wooten, Kiev

Mohan Nanjundan, London

4:20 pm Good news from Africa and India 

4:30 pm Announcements and Dismissal – Committee Chairman Nominations

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm Coordination Meeting, Legends Ballroom

Session Coordinators and Service Team Chairmen

Wednesday evening: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm  

ICOC Service Team Chairmen Dinner Meeting, Dave Pocta’s room

Wednesday evening: 

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm   Dallas BBQ Dinner (180 Livingston Street) or on your own

Thursday Morning, September 12

Our Ministry, Marriage, Parenting and Leadership

Coordinators Men: Mike Fontenot and John Louis 

Coordinators Women: Teresa Fontenot and Karen Louis  

Legends Ballroom separate sections 

9:30 am Prayer, Worship and Good News from North and South America 

9:50 am Striving for Integrity in our Ministry 

Men: Mike Fontenot, Sydney

Women: Teresa Fontenot, Sydney

10:30 am Break

10:45 am Leadership Session 1 – 

Men: John Louis, Singapore / Budi Hartono, Jakarta

Women: Karen Louis, Singapore / Vania Salim, Jakarta

11:30 am Wrap up and dismissal 


Coordinators: Mike & Teresa Fontenot 

1:30 pm Good News from Asia & Eurasia 

1:45 pm Marriage in the Ministry – Al and Gloria Baird, LA

2:15 pm Break

2:20 pm Parenting and the Ministry – Kevin and Mary Mains, LA

2:50 pm Break

Coordinators: John & Karen Louis 

3:00 pm Leadership Session 2 – John and Barri Lusk, Denver

3:30 pm Break

3:40 pm Leadership Session 3 – Chris and Rolayo Ogbonnaya, Lagos /Peter Garcia, LA

4:10 pm Group Discussion / Activity

4:30 pm Announcements and Dismissal

4:50 pm Coordination Meeting, Legends Ballroom 

Session Coordinators and Service Team Chairmen

7:00 pm Thursday Evening: “Blood Brother” movie – 

Evangelism and Service opportunity 

Coordinators: Randy Jordan, Roger Lamb 

Regal Cinema, 106 Court Street, Brooklyn (10 minute walk from Marriott) 

Friday Morning, September 13 

Church Workshops by Size 

Sections of the Legends Ballroom for all three sessions

Large churches over 1000 

Coordinators: Williams and Powells

9:00 am Welcome – Sam and Cynthia Powell, New York

9:10 am The 5 Things You Must Do to Grow a Large Church – Bruce & Robin Williams, LA

9:40 am Toughen Up – Francis Dassé, Abidjan (Hervé Fleurant translating, San Antonio)

10:00 am The Turn Around in Big D – Todd and Patty Asaad, Dallas

10:15 am Panel Discussion: Q&A session with the Williams & Powells

10:45 am Wrap up and dismissal

Mid size churches of 300 to 1000 

Coordinator:  Dinesh George, Bangalore 

9:00 am Introduction – Dinesh George

9:10 am Keys to Growth and Focus – Mike & Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro

9:40 am Lessons from Santo Domingo and London – Angel Martinez, Dominican Republic / Mohan & Helen Nanjundan, London

10:05 am Lessons from Virginia – Ed & Deb Anton, Hampton Roads

10:40 am Announcements & dismissal

Smaller churches less than 300 

Coordinator: Randy McKean 

PART 1: What God Has Done… THE STORIES 

  • Rob Skinner … The Tucson Church Story
  • Danny Brisebois … The Montreal Church Story
  • Randy McKean … The NOVA Church Story


  • Randy McKean


  • Rob & Pam Skinner
  • Danny & Gillianne Brisebois
  • Randy & Kay McKean

Friday Afternoon, September 13

Delegate Business

Coordinators: Shawn Wooten, AT Arneson, Roger Lamb 

Legends Ballroom 

11:00 am – 12:00 noon Service Team Reports 

  1. Campus, Kevin Miller  5 min
  2. Singles, Wade Cook  5 min
  3. Youth & Family, Dave Pocta  5 min
  4. Women, Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro and Jeanie Shaw  5 min
  5. HOPEww and Benevolence, John Causey and Randy Jordan 15 min
  6. Communication and Admin (DT), Roger Lamb 10 min
  7. Teachers, Steve Kinnard  5 min
  8. Elders, Wyndham Shaw  5 min
  9. Evangelists, Mike Taliaferro  5 min

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm 

  • Proposal – HOPEww Youth Corps Proposal (10 min)
  • Service Team Chairmen Election: (15 min)
  • Campus
  • HOPE & Benevolence
  • Teachers 
  • Singles 
  • 2014 Conferences: ICMC US (St. Louis), ISC(?), ILC (Singapore) (10 min)
  • 2015 Conferences: ICMC, Delegates Meeting (Jamaica) (10 min)
  • 2016 Conferences: Continental Discipleship Summits – US (St. Louis) (10 min)

1:00 pm Action Items and Wrap Up  Mike Taliaferro  

1:30 pm Delegates meeting dismissed 

Friday afternoon FREE 

7:30 pm Friday, September 13

 International Conference on Youth & Family Ministry begins

For full 2013 ICYFM program, go to: icocconference.org

Saturday, September 14 

Intl Conference on Youth & Family Ministry

Tracks for Parents, Church Builders and Youth & Family Leaders For full 2013 ICYFM program, go to: icocconference.org 

10:30 am Sunday, September 15 

30th Anniversary of New York City Church of Christ 

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th Street, New York