KNN Episode 10: Featuring The Northern Federation World Sector ~ April 1996


  1. History of Russia Plantings
  2. Moscow – Disciples Stayed after Coup
  3. Most Churches Led by Nationals
  4. Operation Helping Hands – Need for Greater Teaching in Russia, US Evangelists Travel to Visit Churches
  5. Dennis in Kiev, Ukraine Evangelist Who Died of Cancer
  6. Christian Ray Baptized – Music Video Clip


  1. Eye to Eye Music Group Named Best Best Rhythm & Blues Band in Boston
  2. Ime Oduok Baptized – Starting Center for Loyola
  3. San Diego Football Players – Chris Garnier, Sheldon Pope
  4. Rick & Diane Stafford – Adopted Special Needs Russian Boy
  5. Miami, Florida – Foster Stanback, Hope for the City Volunteers Repaired Homes

Mission Minutes

  1. First ICOC Home Page Www.Intlcc.Com
  2. Kingdom Leaders Adoptions – Arthurs Adopt Nathaniel
  3. Henry Wells “The Rev” – Odaat Founder Gets Baptized in Philadelphia
  4. “The Rev’s” Wife Baptized
  5. Manila – 85 People Baptized in One Day!

Nation Countdown

90 Nations Planted, 79 Nations Wedding


  1. Eric McKean’s Friend’s Dad, Bruce Aiken Gets Baptized, Elena Baptizes Wife, Olivia Baptizes Friend
  2. Sean McKean Is Baptized