KNN Episode 32: Mi Familia ~ April 2000


  1. The Mexico City Church
  2. Carlos Garcia Family Conversions
  3. Hope Worldwide – Flood Victims in Central America
  4. Nationals Lead Mexico City Church


  1. Mexico City Ams Ministry
  2. Living with the Enemy” BBC Journalist Lives with Disciples for One Week

Mission Minutes

  1. 1. New World Sector – the Net (Lead by Ewells)
  2. Women’s Days 2000
  3. Federal Court Reinstates Student Banned at Suny
  4. DPI Completes Kindgom Kids Curriculum

Profiles in Courage

Janet Dixon Donates Her Kidney to Dennis Gates

Hope Worldwide

Appeal for King Sihanouk Center of Hope, Cambodia

Nation Countdown

  1. 380 Churches Planted in 160 Nations
  2. Only 11 Nations Waiting

Anchored In

English, Spanish, French, Russian, Cantonese