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LA Story – Millennium

What happened to the Y2K scare? In spite of all the doomsday prophets, planes did not fall out of the sky, there were no terrorist attacks, nuclear reactors did not melt down, the ATMs still 
worked, the lights stayed on, the water continued to flow out of the faucets, and every computer in the third-world did not crash. Come on; admit it. You felt just a little stupid on January 1st with all of that bottled water and those cans of food that you had stockpiled “just in case.” We were victims of “millennium madness.” In addition to all of the millennial celebrations, we were treated to millennial perfume, millennial camping equipment and even an internet website to nominate a millennial cat. Just when we thought that we had survived it all, we are being told that the real “millennium moment” is yet to come. Some are claiming that Y2K should have been Y2K+1, because the new millennium really starts on January 1, 2001, and not 2000. So now we
get to go through the whole thing again. One group, which calls itself the Real Millennium Group, exists to warn us that we had better prepare for Y2K+1.

I do not know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the millennium change. Since I am sure that I will not be alive to see the next millennium roll around, I wanted to do something
extra special to celebrate this one with Gloria. So we took a hot-air balloon ride at sunset on New Year’s Eve.