LA Story – Staying Alive

Super Bowl XXXVI – New England Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17. It ranks as one of the great Super Bowl upsets of all time. Having finished in last place the previous season, and having started the season with one win and three losses, no one gave the Patriots a chance of even making the playoffs, much less of defeating the former world champion Rams. The only ones who believed in the Patriots were themselves. Every playoff game became a matter of staying alive. Because they never quit believing and fought until the very last play, they are now the world champions. Last year, 2001, was a very hard year for many disciples and churches. Personally, it was one of the most difficult years that Gloria and I have ever experienced. September 11th marked our 40th wedding anniversary, and we were to fly that very day to New York City. Late last year, two very special friends and treasures of the Kingdom, Ryan Howard and George Havins, died and went home to be with God. My father in the faith, mentor and best friend Kip McKean and his wife Elena went on sabbatical to sort through marriage and family problems. Two of our special spiritual children, Moe and Amani Bishara, left Los Angeles spiritually renewed to return to the Middle East.