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LA Story – LA Confidential

The LA miracle is almost nine years old and is growing stronger. From July of 1989, a small group of 56 disciples has multiplied to 7,155 members today – a 100-times growth! Gloria and I knew most of the original team members, since many of them came from Boston and included our daughter Keri. They were great people, but there was not a single miracle-worker among
them. So how did they do what they did, become the first church in the history of the International Churches of Christ to grow beyond 4,000 members, and 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 and beyond? Like the author of Psalm 34, King David, we can only boast in the Lord. Sure, having Kip and Elena McKean lead the LA Church since 1990 has helped; but the success of the church is not because of one powerful couple. It is all God. The above verses describe well what has happened. This issue of LA Story, entitled “LA Confidential,” is about the Los Angeles International Church of Christ. Yes, we are doing some boasting, but it is boasting in the Lord. All of the glory and honor go to him.

Great Expectations

Starting over is refreshing. A new semester in school, a new job, a new home, a new Bible Talk, a new life in Christ after baptism – a clean start. Here we are in January, 1996. This L.A. Story is both a look back to 1995 and a look ahead at God’s great expectations.


will let you think. No matter how big you think, you will not match up to God’s thinking. A brother recently told of his listening to a tape of one of my sermons in 1988. I expected him to share how challenged or inspired he was by the lesson. Instead he said, “Boy, we didn’t have much faith back then, did we?” I have thought about what he said, and he is right.

Good Morning Vietnam

Three weeks ago in Paris, the World Sector Leaders and World Sectors Administrators finalized the Six Year Plan. This is the plan to plant a church by the year 2000 in every nation under heaven that has a city of at least 100,000 people.