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LA Story – Secrets of the Heart

Twenty years ago, seeing godly women powerfully influencing other women through biblical teaching and training drew me to the Kingdom of God. Those examples gave me a new vision not only for my life’s purpose but also for the lives of our three daughters and other women’s lives as well. In my background, the view of “women’s ministry” was limited to hospitality and teaching Sunday school. I am eternally grateful for women like Elena García-McKean, Pat Gempel, Lisa Johnson and many others who have set the pace in forcefully advancing the Kingdom
in the hearts of women around the world. This issue of LA Story presents many examples of women in God’s Kingdom today who are committed, like Mary, to choosing what is better rather than being distracted like Martha (Luke 10:41-42). 

One of the highlights of our Women’s Ministry is the annual Women’s Day. The women in the LA Church have chosen to celebrate our Women’s Day during March, Women’s History Month. Women’s events were held at 42 separate venues throughout the LA Church during the first weekend of March, each focusing on the theme “Secrets of the Heart.” With God’s power and guidance we had a history-making attendance of 14,217.

World Tour

In 1986 twelve People met with Lisa and me in our 96th Street apartment in Manhattan to begin what for years was known as the “Daytime Ministry.” Our idea was to create an alternative church schedule that would enable us to minister better to artists of all kinds in New York. Years ago, talented singers, dancers, actors and others in the performing arts would count the cost of following Jesus and wash their stage ambitions away in the waters of baptism.

Broadcast News

In only one week we have personally witnessed the South Florida Church of Christ appoint their first two elders and attended the black tie National Health Awards ceremony in New York City where Proctor and Gamble presented HOPE for Kids its 1994 award for outstanding achievement.

Heaven & Earth

We are saved to save others, not just a few others but a world of others. We have the authority in Matthew 28:18-20. We have the power from God. We have the message of the resurected Christ.