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To Russia With Love

Life can be so daily.” Gloria and I often quote those words of Pat Gempel to each other with tongue in cheek. We quote them because they are so true. The day-after-day routine of any part of our lives, spiritual or physical, can rob us of our zeal. Even in the Kingdom we often settle into repetitious patterns: one Sunday sermon follows the next, one quiet time follows the next. Even the incredible growth of our church can become “ho-hum.” I believe that, without special effort, we become spoiled spiritual kids of God. We become like kids visiting Disneyland, who for the first few rides cannot contain their excitement. But as the day wears on, they become increasingly bored and little seems to impress them. When we come into the Kingdom, we are beside ourselves with excitement. We’ve never heard sermons like these, never heard singing like this, never felt love like this. But with time it takes more and more to impress us.

Against All Odds

What chance would thirty “would-be disciples,” who first met together in Boston in 1979, have to turn the world upside down? About the same chance that the teenage shepherd boy David had to kill a nine foot Goliath and rout his army of thousands. But David won, against all odds, and God is using the small Boston beginning in just as amazing a way. This issue of L.A. Story is a report of the tremendous growth in God’s kingdom.

To Russia With Love

In only eight weeks, the Los Angeles Church of Christ will be taking our special Missions Contribution totalling almost $1.5 Million. Since many of you have become disciples in the past year, this is your first time to sacrifice for world missions.