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LA Story – From Here To Eternity

Twenty years ago a few people in Boston began to dream. By today’s standards it was a small dream – a dream to evangelize the four million people living in the Boston area with its 200,000 university students. But God had much bigger things in mind, planned before time began.

Just this week in Boston, a scene was played out that gives us just a glimmer of the countless lives that have been influenced for eternity by that small beginning. Theresa Slade is dying of cancer at age 59. She is a wife and a mother. In the world’s eyes, this is a tragedy. It is sad, but not tragic, because Theresa became a disciple of Jesus Christ 15 years ago when she was born again in the waters of baptism and became a part of the Boston Church of Christ. Through those 15 years she had an impact on many lives with her example and her teaching. Her spiritual family, physical family and friends decided to do something unique.