KNN Episode 33: XTreme Teens ~ July 2000

Feature: Radical Teen Ministries

  1. Los Angeles – Mike Laguardia Converts 3 High School Friends, They Became the Student Body Government
  2. London – Maria Atiamuga Brought 35 Friends to Women’s Day
  3. Hong Kong – from One High School Disciple to Six Students and a Teacher
  4. Mexico City – Bianca De Anda Shares Dream for Mexico Teen Ministry
  5. South Africa – Teens Inspired at Camp
  6. India – Kevin D’souza Shares of Persecution for Teens A Day in the Life Swapna in Hyderabad, India


Sean McKean – Nationally Ranked Tennis Player, Converts His Coach and Tutor


Jonathan Perkins & Karla Escobar Challenge Teens to Excellence